Movement Coaching

Alexander Technique - Followup Lesson, $85 | Initial Lesson, $108

The Alexander Technique is an awareness practice for identifying and developing discipline over the negative physical habits of incorrect posture and movement. Developed a century ago by actor F. Matthias Alexander, who used it to cure himself of chronic laryngitis, he believed if the vertebrae were out of alignment it was due to these poor habits. The Alexander Technique is a simple method of reeducating the mind and body to improve ease and freedom of movement, balance, and coordination. The technique teaches the use of the appropriate amount of effort for a particular activity, giving you more energy for all your activities.


In a lesson you can except to be utilizing the use of a chair, massage table, and books to support your head and neck. As a teacher, I coach you through sitting, standing, walking and other ordinary movement with a supportive light touch and verbal cues. I share tools to unlearn unnecessary or harmful habits that build up over a lifetime. By the end of your first lesson you can expect to breath with more ease and less effort.

This technique is useful if you:

• want to be active in your own health and well-being

• want to be less uncomfortable sitting and standing for long periods of time

• suffer from repetition strain injuries

• struggle with stress and anxiety

• struggle to make you voice heard

• want to improve performance in sports, music, or dance

• want to walk with grace down the wedding aisle

• want to decrease stress in an interview

• want to be present and grounded while give a speech

It is recommended to take weekly lessons for total of 6 months to get the full potential of the technique. It can be a time commitment, but a great place to start is to take a introductory lesson to see if it is a good fit for you.