Aromatherapy Massage - 60 minutes, $104 | 90 minutes, $140

In this treatment, techniques are utilized to warm the skin and increase circulation and encouraging the elimination of toxins from the body. The manipulation of the muscles through traditional techniques helps relieves tension and loosen knots. Essential oils are then massaged through the skin and are absorbed, allowing their effect to be felt throughout the body.

Deep Tissue Massage – 30 minutes, $53 | 60 minutes, $95 | 90 minutes, $129

Our therapists utilize deep-muscle techniques to work the lower layer of your musculature. Deep tissue massage is ideal for those looking to soothe any muscular pain, for post-injury rehabilitation or reduce inflammation-related pain.

Hot Stone Reflexology – 30 minutes, $60

For this treatment we embellish the reflexology technique with hot stones that allow muscles in the feet to relax and allow deeper work into the reflex areas.

Hot Stone Therapy – 60 minutes, $104 | 90 minutes, $140

Using stones that heat up to 140 degrees, this approach is optimal for eliciting relaxation both mental and physical. Stones are placed in various positions on the body to strengthen circulation and provide soothing heat for deep-tissue or trigger point work. This is massage is great to relieve deep rooted tension.

Myofascial Release – 60 minutes, $95 | 90 minutes, $129

Myofascial release utilizes gentle application of sustained pressure and movement into the thin tissue surrounding your muscles known as fascia. This technique is used to treat immobility and pain in the skeletal muscle, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, and encourage the stretch reflex within your muscles.

Prenatal Massage – 60 minutes, $95 | 90 minutes, $129

Prenatal techniques are designed to reduce bodily discomfort that occur during pregnancy. This particular style of massage can shorten labor times and ease any pain and anxiety. Specialized methods can enact structure to your physiology and emotions that can aid mother and infant bonding in the postpartum period. Many practitioners recommend referrals from physicians prior to therapy. Our policy is that we can only perform this massage in the second trimester (weeks 13 to 27) and third trimester (week 28 to 40). To ensure the safety of you and your baby we cannot massage in the first trimester.

Shiatsu – 30 minutes, $60 | 60 minutes, $104

Shiatsu has been practiced for thousands of years, literally meaning "finger pressure" in Japanese. The style is strongly influenced by the Five Element Theory; wood, fire, earth, metal, & water, and the goal to balance these energetic forces. Shiatsu uses rhythmic finger pressure on specific points of the body's meridians and gentle stretches to unblock, stimulate, and balance the flow of Qi. Qi is life energy that channels through our bodies. This massage is administered while the client is fully clothed, please wear comfortable clothing.

Trigger Point Therapy – 60 minutes, $95 | 90 minutes, $129

By applying pressure to specific areas of pain, this service is excellent for swiftly relieving muscular pain. Trigger points are localized areas around the body where muscles and connective tissue are highly sensitive to pain when exerting pressure. Relieving pain this way can result in a sudden decrease in muscular pain.